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Press Check 2013

Recent books by NMSU faculty, staff and supporters

Out of the Shadows: The Women of Southern New Mexico

By Martha Shipman Andrews, Editor
Rio Grande Books

Out of the Shadows Book CoverMartha Shipman Andrews is the NMSU university archivist and an associate professor in the NMSU Library. Using photos from NMSU’s Rio Grande Historical Collections and Hobson-Huntsinger University Archives, she fills in some of the gaps in the state’s male-dominated mythology with images of strong women who lived or settled in the area during the 1880-1920 period. She and a number of colleagues have written accompanying texts on themes as diverse as women on ranches, the Amador family of Las Cruces, Mescalero basketmakers and educational opportunities for women. The introduction is by Rick Hendricks, New Mexico state historian. The volume was a finalist in the anthology and New Mexico Centennial categories of the 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

Empire, State and Society: Britain Since 1830

By Jamie Bronstein and Andrew T. Harris

Jamie Bronstein, an NMSU professor of history who specializes in British and U.S. comparative history, has written a new book with co-author Andrew T. Harris that spans almost two centuries of Britain in the modern world. The time period was marked by the decline of Britain as the preeminent world power and juxtaposes that trajectory with the concomitant rise of the U.S. to its position of 21st century superpower. The book is a college textbook and according to the publisher’s website, provides “an accessible and balanced introduction, which is thoughtfully organized for ease of use for both students and teachers.”

Pedagogies of Deveiling: Muslim Girls and the Hijab Discourse

By Manal Hamzeh
Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Pedagogies of Deveiling Book CoverThis book, a volume in the series Critical Constructions: Studies on Education and Society, is by Manal Hamzeh, an NMSU assistant professor of women’s studies who is herself Muslim. In this work, she focuses on the lives of four young American women in two Southwestern border towns who self-identify as Muslim, analyzing their lives from a feminist theoretical perspective. The four collaborated with Hamzeh in a study she undertook in late 2005 and 2006. Hijab means veil, but the discourse in question goes well beyond the physical article of clothing. The publisher describes it as “[a] critical ethnography of young Muslim women moving across contexts and ideologies, resisting the binaries that clutter their lives, and narrating rich lives in the postcolonial rim of the contemporary United States.”

Snapshots of School Leadership in the 21st Century: Perils and Promises of Leading for Social Justice, School Improvement, and Democratic Community

By Gary Ivory, et al., Editors
OAP-Information Age Publishing

Snapshots of School Leadership in the 21st Century Book CoverGary Ivory is an associate professor in NMSU’s Department of Educational Management and Development and one of four co-editors of this volume in the University Council for University Administration Leadership Series. It provides a synthesis of the third phase of the UCEA Voices from the Field Project begun in the mid-1990s. The core chapters analyze discussions with U.S. school principals and superintendents giving their views on various aspects of their work. The editors are among the researchers who wrote chapters on No Child Left Behind, growth and development of children, education assessment, and leadership practices, among others. The book is intended to be a resource for professors of educational leadership who work with school leaders on issues related to federal education policy. The editors also recommend it to practitioners themselves and to policy makers.

Selena by Mary Tighe: A Scholarly Edition

By Harriet Kramer Linkin
OAP-Information Age Publishing

Selena Book Cover“Selena” is a previously unpublished novel by noted British Romantic poet Mary Tighe. Harriet Kramer Linkin, an NMSU professor of English specializing in British literature from that era, has previously edited Tighe’s collected poems and journals. In this new volume, she presents a direct transcription of the only known manuscript – 2,500 pages – of the novel that Tighe finished in 1803. The publisher describes the book as a “brilliant, compulsively readable, beautifully written, and psychologically astute courtship novel,” touting it as “one of the great unknown treasures of British Romanticism.” Linkin’s introduction tells the story of how the novel finally made it to print and puts it in its historical and literary contexts. Her extensive annotations help clarify references and vocabulary that might be unfamiliar to present-day readers.

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