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In Brief 2006

Center for Economics and Personal Finance opens

Hoping to bridge the gap between what students need to know about economics and what they are being taught in school, New Mexico State University’s College of Business created the Center for Economics and Personal Finance Education (CEPFE).The only such program in the state, CEPFE conducts workshops where high school teachers receive new ideas on […]


Rio Grande Cutthroats Tested for Whirling Disease

Researchers from NMSU are trying to protect the state’s Rio Grande cutthroat trout from deadly whirling disease.So far, whirling disease has yet to find its way into New Mexico’s cutthroat trout populations. Fisheries experts want to keep the state from losing this native fish species.“We don’t want cutthroats to go the way of rainbow trout, […]


Purifying Water

An NMSU chemical engineering professor is testing a new process that could help purify New Mexico saltwater, providing a freshwater supply for residential, agricultural and industrial uses.Shuguang Deng is combining solar energy and reverse osmosis into a process called membrane distillation to remove salt from water. This process transports water vapor through a membrane, separating […]


Steroid usage could be bigger than realized

Anabolic steroid usage is a larger problem than the public realizes, says an NMSU exercise physiologist.“Steroid usage is an issue in all sports and even beyond athletes. Many people take steroids to enhance their appearance,” says Joseph Berning, an assistant professor in the College of Education’s Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Department.Berning and colleagues Kent […]