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In Brief 2008

Number One again!

New Mexico’s Apache Point Observatory is the home of the 2.5-meter telescope of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). A recent independent analysis of observatories with the highest scientific impact on astronomy has ranked the SDSS first among the world’s observatories, a position it has now held for three of the last four years. Apache […]


Low-cost, low-energy desalination

A low-cost water desalination system developed by NMSU engineers can convert saltwater to pure drinking water on a round-the-clock basis – and its energy needs are so low it can be powered by the waste heat of an air conditioning system. A prototype built on the Las Cruces campus can produce enough pure water continuously […]


Project examines calf nutrition

Does proper nutrition at the very beginning of a calf’s life have a significant impact as the animal grows up? The answer to that question could mean tens of millions of dollars to cattle producers across the country who suffer losses of $600 million annually due to poor calf health at feedlots. A team of […]


Researchers, engineers team up on saltcedar

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has a new tool in its efforts to control invasive saltcedar at Elephant Butte and Caballo reservoirs in southern New Mexico. Developed by New Mexico State University, it’s a tractor-mounted rig for wiping herbicide directly onto saltcedar plants. It can be used on regrowth following mowing or on newly established […]