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In Brief 2011

NMSU’s Vertebrate Museum receives fossilized donation of massive proportions

NMSU’s Vertebrate Museum received a unique donation in August after NMSU Biology Professor and Vertebrate Museum Curator Peter Houde received a call about the intact skull, discovered at Binns Quarry near Mesquite. The skull was that of an extinct, elephant-like animal known as a gomphothere. Experienced in fossil preservation, Houde jumped at the opportunity to […]


Spacecraft help NMSU professor study storms from the Sun in 3-D

About every 100 years, a “perfect storm” from the Sun strikes Earth. This has the potential to cause devastation to society. Solar storms can negatively affect communications and power distribution systems on Earth. But, what if scientists could predict to near perfect accuracy a major storm days in advance? New Mexico State University professor James […]


Professor awarded grant for research on biometrics, astronaut training

Ou Ma, a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor, was awarded a four-year, $1.68 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop new reduced-gravity simulation technology for astronaut training and biomechanics research. The grant will also fund a new simulation facility. Ma is leading a multidisciplinary team of investigators to create and test an innovative […]


NMSU collaborates with Italian university on turfgrass research

What started out as a friendship formed when two turfgrass specialists went on a conference field trip in Wales has become a unique partnership between New Mexico State University and an Italian university whose students now visit NMSU to share research ideas and issues on turfgrass, irrigation and conservation. Since 2005, Bernd Leinauer, NMSU professor […]