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In Brief 2012

NMSU expands algae research with new photobioreactor

The April installation of New Mexico State University’s new 4,000-liter photobioreactor system at the Fabian Garcia Research Center promises to accelerate the university’s emergence as a leader in algal biofuel research. The Solix BioSystems Lumian AGS4000 is an algae-cultivation system that allows faster and denser production of algae than open “raceway” systems. Algae cultures grow […]


Regional monsoon phenomena investigated

Debra Peters, a landscape ecologist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service at the Jornada Experimental Range near Las Cruces and an affiliated faculty member in the New Mexico State University departments of Plant and Environmental Sciences and Biology, has been awarded $400,000 from the National Science Foundation for her part in a large five-year study […]


Supercomputer simulations chart the universe

Supercomputers have been used for years to create simulations scientists use to answer questions about the universe, from the time of the Big Bang to the present. Now, a New Mexico State University astronomy professor, together with a large group of colleagues, has released the most accurate set of Bolshoi supercomputer simulations to date. These […]


Professor receives prestigious applied geography award

Michael DeMers, a professor in the Department of Geography at New Mexico State University, is the recipient of the prestigious James R. Anderson Medal of Honor in Applied Geography for 2010. Past recipients include Roger Tomlinson, creator of modern Geographic Information Systems and called the “father of GIS;” Jack Dangermond who owns a multi-billion-dollar GIS […]