Edition 2015

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Family and Child Welfare Training Project Prepares New Mexico Students to Serve the Vulnerable across New Mexico

Tina U. Hancock, the Director of the School of Social Work and Associate Dean for the College of Health and Social Services, received in excess of $1 million for the Family and Child Welfare Training (FCWT) project. The program is funded through the Title IV-E and Title IV-B Child Welfare Training programs of the Social […]


Climate Change

NMSU Researchers Collaborate on the USDA Southwest Regional Climate Hub The US Department of Agriculture has chosen Jornada Experimental Range’s Rangeland Management Research Unit and Agricultural Research Service at NMSU as the Southwest Regional Climate Hub to coordinate the efforts of federal, state, and private agencies, as well as universities, to support farmers, ranchers, and […]


Water Research

Assistant Professors Advance Water Research at NMSU NMSU possesses comprehensive capabilities in water-related research, education, outreach, and economic development. More than 80 faculty, researchers, and staff from 15 departments, as well as the Agriculture Science Centers and Extension Services, within five colleges offer extensive expertise and experience in water, ranging from hydrology, irrigation, desalination, and […]


Beyond Research

NMSU’s Outreach Projects Support New Mexico Families Shelly A. Bucher, Licensed Master Social Worker and the Director of the Southwest Institute for Family and Child Advocacy, has been actively working to prevent child abuse and neglect in the U.S. Southwest. One of the dire situations that causes trauma to children is witnessing parents undergo an […]