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Destination Space

Destination: Space

Not even the sky’s the limit for new aerospace industry by Karl Hill A new space race has begun and New Mexico appears to hold an early lead. For more than a decade, an alliance of visionaries from New Mexico State University and the aerospace community has promoted southern New Mexico as the ideal location […]


A Stable of NMSU Payloads

A Stable of NMSU Payloads Tomorrow’s spacecraft will carry more than people Stephen Horan has a vision: A stable of student-built payloads, space-qualified and ready to hitch a ride on vehicles launched at the Southwest Regional Spaceport. Even test flights could be used to put student-built nanosatellites in orbit, said Horan, head of NMSU’s Klipsch […]


New Mexico, We Have Lift Off

New Mexico, We Have Lift Off Budding aerospace industry is good for the economy It’s been said that if you build it, they will come. The phrase from the late 1980s flick “Field of Dreams” might be trite, but it rings true about the growing aerospace industry in New Mexico. New Mexico is building “it” […]