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NMSU Research Emphasis at a Glance

NMSU has identified five interdisciplinary areas in which its faculty and staff members have noted expertise. The university is focusing support on these strategic areas as a means of effectively using the state’s resources to benefit the region, the state and the nation. For the past three years, the university has set aside funding for interdisciplinary research grants to faculty and for creating opportunities for more undergraduate and graduate students to participate in mentored research experiences.

The areas of focus for research investment are:

Biosciences: includes such topics as biodiversity, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, genetics, human populations and recruitment of underrepresented minorities into studies in the sciences and technology. The Institute for Applied Biosciences amplifies this focused activity.

Twenty-first Century Space and Aerospace: includes suborbital flight, unmanned aerial vehicles, scientific balloons, nano-satellites, telemetry, astro-particle physics, astronomy and planetary science. The New Mexico Space Grant Consortium supports this focused activity.

Natural Resources Sustainability and Renewal: deals with sustainable water, energy and land resources, ecosystem management and environmental stewardship. The Institute for Energy and the Environment builds on this focused activity’s strengths.

Information Sciences and Security Systems: focuses on sensors, modeling and simulation, decision-making, integrated information systems, and open source intelligence collection and analysis for civilian and defense needs.

Southwest and Border Regions Health, Education, Culture and Development: includes projects and research that affect both sides of the border, particularly related to health disparities, education, border crossings and economic development.

Research Expenditures and Budgets

NMSU's Fiscal year 2011 Source of Awards in Percentage


NMSU's Fiscal year 2011 Source of Awards in Percentage


NMSU's Fiscal year 2011 Source of Awards in Percentage


NMSU's Fiscal year 2011 Source of Awards in Percentage


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