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Recent books by NMSU faculty, staff and supporters

Calculus: Understanding Its Concepts and Methods

By Martha Shipman Andrews, Editor
MacKichan Software Inc., 2006

Calculus: Understanding Its Concepts and Methods CoverWritten by four authors with ties to New Mexico State University, this book is a revolutionary CD-based textbook that dramatically changes how calculus is taught and learned. The book’s authors include three faculty emeriti from New Mexico State University (Richman, Walker and Wisner), and two NMSU alumni (Hardy and Walker). By using examples, explanations, problems and self-tests, the authors present calculus methods and concepts in a dynamic environment. Provided on CD and including Version 5.5 of Scientific Notebook, this textbook lets students interactively explore examples and carry out experiments that help explain the true meaning of calculus.

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

By Frank A. Ward
Prentice Hall, 2006

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics CoverThis book, grounded in economic theory, provides an introduction to environmental and natural resource issues. Ward, a professor of agricultural economics and agricultural business at New Mexico State University, uses simple algebra and a basic understanding of microeconomic theory to describe economic methods that can be used to address, understand and solve a wide range of natural resource problems. By doing so, he shows how economists can help design practical policy solutions to challenging environmental problems. By using an objective voice and a perspective based in theory, Ward discusses future environmental policy options for the world.

Modern Electronic Communication

By Jeffrey S. Beasley and Gary M. Miller
Prentice Hall, 2006

Modern Electronic Communication Book CoverThis book, now in its eighth edition, examines the key concepts in electronic communications, contains many examples of communication circuit troubleshooting and includes extensive use of Electronics Workbench Multisim. Readers are introduced to the latest techniques and methods that reflect current industry practices. Information on the best of older communication circuits is included along with new content on communication techniques, data sheets and current circuits. This text is a thorough, up-to-date reference for all electronic technicians. Jeffrey S. Beasley is a professor in the Engineering Technology Department.

Risk Management for Agriculture

By Lowell B. Catlett and James D. Libbin
Thomson Delmar Learning, 2007

Risk Management for Agriculture Book CoverAuthored by the dean of New Mexico State University’s College of Agriculture and Home Economics (Catlett) and a professor of agricultural economics and agricultural business (Libbin), this book explores the issue of price risks as a management vs. marketing function. The marketing of a product, cash flow and overall financial health of the business are affected by price risks. The authors maintain that futures contracts, options contracts and swaps must be viewed as tools that can be used alone or in combinations to control price risk. The text examines each of these derivatives, price forecasting, and fundamentals of futures hedging and options hedging. Even though the text focuses on price risk, the book includes a chapter devoted to the management of other agricultural risks.

The U.S. Presidency and Social Justice:Implications for Public Education

By H. Prentice Baptiste, editor
Caddo Gap Press, 2007

The U.S. Presidency and Social Justice:Implications for Public Education Book CoverThis book looks at the legacy of 19 American presidents, the influence they exerted on education for all Americans and the extent to which presidents fought for social justice in America’s schools. The authors examined presidential papers, exhibits and words used by the presidents in speeches, publications and letters. These investigations provide the reader with information on presidential rhetoric and the difference between espoused and enacted beliefs. Presidential attitudes toward slavery, Native Americans, and Japanese-Americans who were held in detention camps are all examined in this book, which shows the true feelings of presidents with regard to women and ethnic and cultural minorities. Editor H. Prentice Baptiste is a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

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